Group Classes


GROUP CLASSES provide a fun and casual way of learning the skills and techniques that will make you a better social dancer.  It’s also a great way to get some exercise and meet a variety of new people. Since we rotate partners in group classes, you do not need to bring a partner of your own in order to participate.  We strongly believe through rotation you become a better social dancer, have an opportunity to practice your steps with a number of different partners and become familiar with many of the interesting and fun people who participate in our dance classes.  


Progressive Syllabus = All Classes review basics in the first week and

become progressively more difficult each week.


Classes with less than 6 students are subject to cancellation.


Please use the following links for dance description and patterns that you will be taught. 

DVIDA American Rhythm & Smooth Medal Program


Why learn only 1 dance every 4 weeks when you can learn 3-6 in the same amount of time! The DVIDA syllabus is a Nationally recognized and accredited program. They have created a way of teaching Group classes so the student learns more than one style at a time. 

It is amazing to see how quickly and logically students learn multiple dances using the DVIDA program. The terrific thing about knowing more than one dance is that you don't have to sit out dances while you wait for your style to be played you can dance them ALL! Ask any dancer that can do multiple dances how much fun they have when they go out. They are not limited to the club that only plays their dance style.  

At the end of the first 4 weeks you will be taught basic social patterns in the Rumba, Cha Cha and East Coast Swing for the American Rhythm and Waltz, Foxtrot and Nite Club 2 Step in the American Smooth. By the end of the program you will have achieved all the patterns for the full bronze syllabus = 15 patterns in all six dances! 

Overview of The DVIDA Program:

The Rhythm Group Class Program is designed for those of you who would like to concentrate on three American Style Rhythm dances: Rumba, Cha Cha and East Coast Swing.  In the Rhythm Program, you will use Cuban Motion, body isolations and arm styling as you learn these fun Rhythm dances.  

The Smooth Group Class Program is designed for those of you who would like to concentrate on three American Smooth dances: Waltz, Foxtrot and Nite Club 2 Step.The Smooth program will help you to glide around the dance floor like Fred and Ginger using proper frame, leg and foot action.  

You will learn to dance to the music using patterns from a Nationally recognized syllabus in an easy, logical and progressive way. The dance styles in each program are interrelated, sharing similar figures and common elements. By studying them together, your learning is maximized and your dancing accelerated. 

Each 8-week series class covers one level of the Bronze syllabus in the three dances. Upon completion of each level, you will be ready to take the corresponding DVIDA Medal Exam, an excellent way to measure your dance progress. You may also want to use this Program in your private lessons. Even if you choose not to complete the full course you will have an understanding of the dances plus a few moves that will get you on the social floor by the end of the first eight weeks. 

You will complete the entire DVIDA Full Bronze American Rhythm syllabus of 15 figures per dance plus variations, in just 8 months! By the end of this Program, you will be dancing at a whole new level, allowing you to dance confidently anywhere: out on the social dance floor, clubs, weddings, in competitions or in showcases. Dancing is something you can do for an entire lifetime. It's great exercise, wonderful for your mind and body coordination and it is a terrific social network where ever you go.